Sunday, October 16, 2005

First Posting

Well, it's time to dig up all of my materials for my "Ellen" film open project and post it to this new Blog. Above is an image sequence for a pretty work heavy, effects and design wise, project that I did during one semester for one out of four classes. The class was titled "Designing for Previsualization" and while it doesn't have to be taken the semester before thesis many times it is. I'd intended to do my thesis that following semester, but due to a lot of things that didn't happen. Essentially, the class allows you the oppurtunity to explore and build the basic structure of a large thesis like project; the ideas, the story elements, the techniques to be employed and most importantly how to pull them together. A lot of people that come to CADA tend to have general art or design backgrounds, or architecture backgrounds, or computer programming backgrounds, so this class is an absolute must for them because it deals pretty strictly with organizing design ideas into a linear and/or narrative fashion which is probably very different than how work is done in all of those different discplines. This is primarily a "Live Action" project versus a 3D one, but the workload is about the same if not a little more than my intended thesis project. This is an intro for another film I'd like to produce and direct at some point titled "Ellen." For this project I shot DV footage of twelve different actors against green screen backgrounds, shot seperate background plates, succesfully pulled clean keys for all of the footage, designed the titles and title animation,


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