Thursday, December 08, 2005

Final Entry!

Well this is it. FINALLY! My last journal entry. It's required that I include a self critique. There are so many things that didn't go my way this semester, but I am finally finished and while I'm not totally and completely satisfied with the "Ellen" project it's time to put it down. The one thing I really wish I'd done was identified the type issues at the beginning, or been assertive enough to insist that my project not be labeled a title sequence.

This is my final sequence where the audience sees Ellen splintered before having the splintered versions of herself. This was basically a Matte scene like George Melies's "Man on the Moon" This wasn't the easiest sequence since it required stabilization to keep all of the frames from sliding around. I hano idea how Melies did it. Anyway this is Butch signing off.


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