Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"Raining Down Frames"

Frames Design Test

This was the first concept/style frame that I worked through using Photoshop and Illustrator mostly to flesh out a concept I had in my head, but also to just try figure out whether I could realistically fake three dimensionality and the texture of an “Old Rich Room” with all two dimensional elements in a compositing or image editing environment with a significant amount of control. I’d actually been looking at “Classic Frames” a Photoshop plugin for generating picture frames typically reserved for oil paintings from an archive of image and procedurally built source material. I had actually been thinking about using classic picture frames as design element for a couple of years, but thought I would be doing it in print. When I started developing the “Ellen” concept and wanted to visually define what was going on in the character’s head stylistically, for me the ‘Raining Frames” was a perfect fit.


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